About Us

In order to achieve a carbon-neutral society, it is crucial to tap into hydrogen, which is one of the most abundantly available sources of energy, using sustainable methods. Therefore, it is important to ensure accessibility to the most viable green hydrogen production methods, which, in an industrial setup, require complex automation and digitalization.

At Bharat Ren-Systems, our experienced team is working to build cutting-edge control algorithms integrated with renewable and green hydrogen-producing systems that not only help to produce the most viable green hydrogen but also facilitate the optimum utilization of renewable energy sources fed into the power grids.

Our Vision

To create the best-in-class sustainable energy-producing technologies.

Our Team

Chaitanya Reddy

Founder & CEO

Nanjappa Chendira

Co-Founder & COO

Dr.Anand Shivapuji


M.Narayan Rao

Independent Director